We have grown not only in our turn over and numbers but have grown in our experience

Company Values

Johnston-lavis only two years old:

In the last two years we have grown not only in our turn over and numbers but have grown in our experience. We are today at that stage of growth where we rather have satisfied customers grinning ear to ear from under their sheets than big fat numbers in our company’s balance sheets.

We only believe that good deeds beget more goodness:

When we entered into the business of sex pills and supplements in the early 2015, one thing we were very sure about and that was that when we make a formula that had to contain all the naturally occurring ingredients. We were very sure that we did not want any synthetic ingredient in our concoction.

Our determination paid off when we hit at the all natural formula with ingredients that are sourced from all over the world including some that are painstakingly sourced from even the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

The formula is absolutely safe to use:

We advocate our product forcefully because we know that there is no side effect to it. The naturally occurring ingredients and minerals are added in such quantities that they are specifically beneficial to your sexual health. We can never play with the health of the common people and this is a special offering to the common man who may have sexual dysfunctions but may wearily not want to see anyone because of his hesitation or embarrassment.

The two driving forces:

There are two quality driving forces that are behind our motive to come out with this product and also to continue our research in this field. They are

1. Honesty

2. Concern for the common man

We pledge ourselves to honestly commit ourselves and channelize our energy to still improve on the pills and to make sure that the benefits of the research is useful on a big way to the common man in the society. For this reason our prices are the most competitive in the market and additionally the discount that we offer makes the deal so positively attractive. You must try it out to believe it!